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Green Deal Providers make the Green Deal Scheme a simple one-company process by providing all of steps necessary to have your home made more energy efficient.

From the initial assessment which provides you with Measures for your property through to the completion of Measures with services such as loft insulation and draught exclusion, Providers can take you through the entire process.

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How the Green Deal Effects Buying and Selling Property

Read on to find out how having work done to improve your property with the Green Deal Scheme can improve desirability and therefore the liklihood of successfully selling.

Green Deal Scheme Awareness Increases

A recent You Gov Poll shows that awareness and understanding of the Green Deal Scheme is improving, with 39 per cent of those polled having some level of awareness of the Scheme.

Whilst there are certified Advisors and Installers, by using one company you avoid the need to orchestrate the process and instead allow one company to do all of the “leg work” for you. Use our directory to find companies local to you who can visit your property and provide you with an assessment and undertake all of the remedial work required to make your house more energy efficient and reduce your fuel bills.

Depending on the Provider you choose, you may find that all of the services are provided “in-house” or they my employ a third party to undertake part of the work. For example, a Provider may use an outside certified Advisor who can visit your property to provide you with the Measures, but they may undertake the remedial work themselves. It maybe that some of the Measures are outside of the scope that your Green Deal Provider may be able to offer, in which case they can recommend a company that you may wish to use to complete the work.

Some Advisors can be affiliated with Installers and can recommend that you have the work completed by that company. However, the Government is very clear that it is down to the customer to research and choose the company who should undertake the work, meaning you would have to find a company yourself. By selecting a G.D. Provider, you will not have to worry about finding the right company for each stage of the work, instead just finding one Provider who will do all of the work for you.

Green Deal Providers in your local area will be able to provide the services required to complete the Measures, including cavity wall insulation, draught exclusion and loft insulation. Measures are not limited to these few services and actually cover a whole host of energy saving and efficiency improving services but there are a number of Measures which most UK homes can have done relatively cheaply and easily which will improve the efficiency of their home or business property.

The Green Deal Scheme works by recommending remedial work for a property to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Under the Scheme's Golden Rule, it is required that the work must cost the same or less than the savings made and rather than paying for the work to be completed in one lump sum, the amount can be spread over time and then paid back as a part of the energy bill. In this way, if the current occupier was to move out of the property, they will no longer be responsible for paying for the work, and instead the payments remain with the energy bill to be picked up by the new occupier.

If you want to find out more about Providers in your area, use our directory to choose your location and you will be provided with a list of suitable companies who can offer you services. Each of the pages listed in our directory includes a quick contact form so you can easily request an assessment of your property and get your process started.

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